Custom Development

ITStrategic focuses on creating data-driven applications that automate manual processes and integrate systems.

Small and medium businesses have the same need as large companies to be efficient and this may require custom development. Developing and maintaining in-house expertise can be expensive and a diversion from your core business activities. Success requires that you either make development a Core Competency or outsource to a business that already does.

Types of Development

ITStrategic builds what needs to be built. You have probably already looked at packaged solutions if you are now considering custom development or you may be trying to build bridges between packaged solutions. In either case, you will be looking for expertise in solving your problem.

We have created thick and thin (Web) client applications for line-of-business and customer-facing needs. We have built several "faceless" applications linking custom and closed-source commercial applications. A sampling of our projects is available here

In general we deal with data driven applications and linking systems. Specifically, we learn about your needs and ask, "Why are your needs a good match with our strengths." We'll tell you if they are not.

Design Methodology

ITStrategic's uses agile development whenever possible. In an ideal world, we would have perfect specifications that never change. Real requirements change for many reasons, and this can cause project costs to spiral.

Agile processes are characterized by short specification and development iterations, each with a small scope producing a working application. The client can make changes to the design and correct problems early in the development process. This keeps the costs and risks low for the client and frequently allows earlier returns on the development investment.

Open Source Position

Posturing abounds on both sides of the the open-source / closed-source debate. You can find good and bad examples of each and the best solution for you might be an existing closed-source packages. (This is frequently true in specific vertical markets). When considering software to meet   the specific needs of your business, Open Source software has advantages

  • Control
  • Flexibility
  • Choice
Our Open Source page contains more information about our reasons for prefering Open Source and a selection of our favorite Tools.

Technologies and Tools

ITStrategic uses a number of tools depending on the specifics of the problem to be solved. We prefer Open Source software where possible but the priority is using the best tool for the job. Some of the Open Source software used by ITStrategic is listed on the Open Source Projects page

We encourage our clients to wait until the problem has been defined before choosing the best tools and technologies. If the tools are a part of your requirements, then in addition to the Open Source tools you may want to know:

  • Small database development is usually done with Microsoft Access with a heavy use of VBA for what Access doesn't give you out of the box.
  • Java is our primary language for integration and Web development projects for the strength of the Java community and the ability to deploy to your choice of platform
  • Tapestry, Hibernate, Acegi, Spring is our prefered Java web toolset.
  • PHP is used for specific projects
  • We strive to be database independent. Most projects have been with MS SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.
  • Shell scripting and Perl are used for some tasks.

Sample Projects

Our development page lists a range of development projects.