Development Projects

The following is a sampling of development projects created by ITStrategic.


IP3 is a web application to service home inspectors, and the call center that services them.

This application's primary objective is to make it easier for the call center to service many different franchises with many different needs, while giving franchisees and their inspectors secure remote access to their booking and estimate information. Features include:


Kahuna is used for for outbound calling campaigns for multiple clients. It was originally used for lead generation for College Pro Painters which required fine-grained control of hundreds of targets on a by-franchise basis. Initially used for high-volume telemarketing campaigns, Kahuna continues to be used for ongoing existing-customer calling campaigns including lead re-generation and customer satisfaction surveys.

Kahuna is a web-based, browser-agnostic, application engineered for productivity and speed.

Survey Applications

Call Center Software

For seven years, ITStrategic's applications have served a local Call Center's delivery of customer satsfaction surveys to their clients' customers. With sophisticated queueing and automated report distribution since inception, these programs have evolved to adapt to the demands of the client. Emailed Excel or CSV files for data import, and email PDF distribution has now been largely replaced by direct integration with client CRM systems.

The Kahuna application forms the core of this software.

Self-Service Web Surveys

When there was a demand for self-service web surveys for one of the existing call-center customer satisfaction survey projects, the solution was to build a custom public survey interface while maintaining the existing thick client for call center use.

Features include:

Survey Portals

ITStrategic has constructed portals for two leading companies in the areas of Property Management and Commercial Real Estate to provide:

Facebook Application for publishing Customer Feedback

Real-time survey results from web and phone surveys are published to company Facebook pages. These Facebook applications are tailored to the needs of the individual company, and the specifics of their surveys.


Several integration projects to interface with CRM systems have been undertaken. Integration projects are not sexy: they do not produce flashy interfaces but they do eliminate manual processes, cut costs and put data where it belongs by connecting systems, ideally in a round-trip fashion.

CertaPro Painters customer satisfaction surveys.

ITStrategic's custom survey software for TLS and Certa's Lotus Notes-based custom CRM databases are tightly linked for the surveying of customers after job completion. Survey results are immediately pushed back to Certa and franchisees are automatically paged in the event of complaints. ITStrategic's integration software bridges the gap between the Notes-based Certa system and SQL Server based TLS system and handles the automatic paging based on business rules.

Paul Davis Restorations customer satisfactions surveys

The PDR Survey software from ITStrategic has been in operation since early 2000. Over the years data import has involved several custom Excel import templates, and automated distribution of reports as PDF's has been done through integration with Outlook, Lotus Notes, and direct SMTP as TLS's mail infrastructure has changed. Data import and reporting have evolved with the advances at Paul Davis Restorations and now both are handled through web services linking the survey and CRM systems.

Regulatory Affairs tracking database

Initially created in 1997 while ITStrategic's founder worked in the pharmaceutical industry, this application tracked product development, preparation of the regulatory submissions, and the tracking of those submissions as they progressed through the regulatory review process. This solution linked to other databases to take advantage of existing information in other databases and avoid duplication.

The desired output of this development was a set of highly elaborate reports that gave management a rapid and concise snapshot of incredibly time-sensitive information in an industry where a few days' delay in a submission can mean millions of dollars.