Infrastructure Services

ITStrategic provides infrastructure services including:

ITStrategic offers infrastructure services because they are the foundation on which strategic IT investments depend. Our objective is to work with existing in-house IT resources or providers rather than become your primary provider.

What should you expect from your IT infrastructure? (Take a deep breath...)

Your server and network infrastructure should be like air: you should be able to take them for granted, always knowing that they will be there. That confidence comes from planning and preparation.

Businesses frequently seek outside consultants or companies after their confidence has been shaken by a problem. Is your critical infrastructure like air? Do you believe that because nothing has gone wrong yet, or because you know that it has been designed to minimize and mitigate problems?

Have you planned for success?

Computing and networking equipment for small and medium-size businesses have become commodities. Networking quipment and operating systems frequently auto-configure themselves to work easily together. People with minimal skills can install networks. The unfortunate result of this ease of use is that planning for a secure and reliable network is not done. Have you planned for success?

Have you planned for failure?

With so much alarmist noise about power outages, floods, viruses, hackers, and bird flu, let's boil this down to the basics.

Given that most businesses that experience a major data loss will be out of business within five years, and that security breaches, loss of confidential information and the like can destroy confidence in your business, and open you up to litigation: Under what conditions are you willing to lose or severely damage your business? The good news is that good planning doesn't need to be expensive. Planning for Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, and security are not isolated projects. They can all benefit daily operations. This is a part of Strategic Planning

Are you ready for the truth

ITStrategic's responsibility is to tell management what they need to hear. There are always tradeoffs, and it is important that management understand the trade-offs that are being made on their behalf.