I have a dream... where IT decisions are made that are in the best interest of their companies. Simple, right?

Contradictory sayings such as "Only fools rush in" yet, "He who hesitates is lost." exist for a reason. They can both be correct and the best choice depends on your circumstances and your objectives.

Does your company need to be on the leading edge of technology, or the bleeding edge, or should you be well back from the edge where commododity pricing kicks in and others have already discovered the painful lessons? The answer depends on your company and where in your company technology is being used.

Do you buy, or build? Custom development is expensive, but so is vendor lock-in, and so is trying to make proprietary systems talk to one another.

When is a "good business decision" that overrides a technical decision actually bad for business? When does non-technical management fail to understand the technology side of business, and when does technical management fail to understand the business side of technology.

ITStrategic will do its best to ensure that our recommendations, services, and development are the best for your business.